3 D Snowman

What You Will Need:

  • White printer paper

  • Small bits of colored paper for nose and scarf (though you can use pens to colour your paper)

  • Pens for decorating (optional)

  • Some circles for tracing – like bottle lids, glasses – whatever you can find

  • Ribbon/ string for hanging – we used bakers twine

What You Will Need To Do:

  1. Find two things two circle things to trace. We traced the base of a paper cup, as well as a lid. Check that the sizes of your two templates look good together first – e.g. if the lid size makes too small a head… search around for something else!

  2. Take your white paper – check the position of your large circle and trace once. Fold the paper in such a way, that you have 8 layers of paper.

  3. Cut out all 8 layers of paper at once. So that you end up with 8 equal circles in one go!

  4. Repeat this same process to cut out 8 circles in the smaller size.

You should now have:

  • 8 larger white circles for the snowman’s body

  • 8 slightly smaller white circles for the snowman’s head

Prepare your snowman’s nose and some ribbon/ string for hanging Cut out a small orange triangle to fit your snowman’s head. Make it a little bigger, as you will need extra paper to glue it inside the head. Cut out some string that is TWICE the length of the two sized circles side by side + a little extra for knotting. Fold the ribbon/ bakers twine in half and knot the bottom, Turning your paper circles into a 3d Paper Bauble.

  1. Fold all your circles in half (keep them in separate piles, for easy of use)

  2. Taking one set of circles (the larger set), add glue to one half of one of the circles.

  3. Take the second cricle in that size and stick it on top.

  4. Now add glue to the exposed half of that second circle and stick the 3rd circle on top. Continue until all 8 (folded) circles are stacked up.

  5. Add plenty of glue to the “spine” of the circle stack, as well as glue to the exposed circle on the top of the stack

  6. Align the baker’s twine with the spine of the circles – so that the knot peeps out at the bottom.

  7. Take the top circle (with glue on) and fold it round to meet the back of very first circle.

You now have made your first 3d paper bauble in white paper – it looks a bit like a snowball, doesn’t it?! 8. Repeat the process for the second bauble. 9. When you get to the finished “stack” – again, add glue to the spine and the top circle. 10. Now align with the large paper bauble – so that both paper baubles are glues around the same piece of baker’s twine. 11. Before you “close” and glue the snowman’d head shut, insert the paper carrot nose. Done. Your basic paper snowman ornament is done! Making a little paper scarf (optional)

  1. Cut a long thing piece of paper.

  2. Decorate with pens (if you wish).

  3. Cut a little tassle into the ends.

  4. Wrap around the snowman and glue in place!

Ta-da – your 3d Paper Snowman Ornament is now complete! Well done you! «

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